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Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:Seymour, Indiana, United States of America

Charlotte no Keikako

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P.S. The background for my journal was originally found on part of Storm Faerywolf's site. It was far too lovely for me to resist "borrowing" it, but if he ever finds this and wants me to take it down, I will respectfully comply.

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1920s, alice in wonderland, anachronism, androgyny, anime, art, athena, ayn rand, beauty, bondage, books, brian froud, british humor, buddhism, burlesque, cats, changeling, chaos, charles de lint, cheshire cat, chopin, cirque du soleil, classic films, classic rock, clive barker, clothing design, costuming, creativity, cryptozoology, curiosities, dance, danse macabre, dark fantasy, david bowie, discordianism, diversity, doctor who, dorothy parker, dreams, edward gorey, erotica, exotic foods, fae, feri, fetish, folklore, forests, freedom, glamourbombing, glbt, gnosis, goth, gypsies, hakim bey, halloween, hannibal lecter, hellraiser, hermann hesse, hiking, horror, humor, imagination, insanity, intelligence, japan, japanese language, jewelry making, knives, labyrinth, lightning, literature, loreena mckennitt, lovecraft, merry gentry, michael parkes, monty python, morbid comedy, movies, museums, music, musical theater, mysticism, mythology, natural disasters, neil gaiman, new experiences, nudes, oddities, paganism, painting, pandora hearts, pansexuality, paradoxes, parapsychology, persephone, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pirates, poe, poetry, polyamory, pre-code film, pre-raphaelites, rain, rasputina, renaissance fairs, rob brezsny, robin goodfellow, roleplaying, self-expression, sensuality, severus snape, sewing, sex, shakespeare, sidhe, silent films, silliness, snakes, spirituality, steampunk, stephen colbert, surrealism, swimming, tae kwon do, tea, techno, terry gilliam, theater, tim burton, tim curry, tool, travel, truth, unseelie court, vampires, variety, victorian era, vintage photographs, vulcans, wild hunt, willworking, writing, wunderkammern, xerxes break
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