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Hi, I'm Litha!

It's short for Litharriel, and no, that's not my given name... or, rather, (and I know this sounds silly, but it's no less true for it) it's a name someone called me in a dream, so I decided to keep it. If you go by the various zodiacs, I am: a Pisces, an ash tree, a snake, and a rooster. I am also a writer, a jewelry-maker, a pagan, a polyamorist, a pansexual, a black sheep, a professional night owl, and a reluctant Midwesterner. Like everybody else on Earth, I am made of the stuff of exploded stars and, to paraphrase Bill Bryson, a billion or more of my atoms once occupied the bodies of the Buddha, Genghis Khan, Beethoven and who knows how many other interesting, famous, dead people. According to some web site, I may be some sort of illegitimate descendant of Canute the Great. According to another, I'm a distant cousin of the silent film actress Lillian Gish. According to my grandmother, there's Rom blood somewhere in our past. I'm 1/16th Irish, on my Dad's side, and 1/8th Native American on my Mother's, and there's supposed to be some German in there, too.

Also, I really like tea.

I'm turning 33, this year, and I've decided to see this as a lucky thing. Not only does it mean I've managed to live that long, but 3 is supposed to be one of those fancy, magical numbers. So I figure I'd better make use of whatever having achieved two of those in a row might get for me.

I live in a small, Indiana town, in a cozy little apartment with my cat. My mother is crazy, and my father didn't have enough confidence in his parenting skills to really take much charge of me. So, most of my upbringing was overseen by my conservative Catholic grandparents and the school system. Needless to say, I don't much trust authority figures, and my sense of guilt and shame (which honestly had never been very strong to begin with) have been worn down to almost nothing.

I've been married, once, but I found it distasteful for various reasons, so I ended it. Currently I'm dating a small poly-family of two men and two women, who are lovely, geeky, creative people, though I only get to see them once every month or two, as they live some 3 hours away. I have no children and I would be perfectly happy never to have any. I like the idea of being the cool big sister/eccentric aunt much better.

I think that's a good enough start, for now. If I keep rambling, there won't be much to talk about in the rest of the entries!

Until tomorrow! (Probably.)


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