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Today, in honor of Sky's birthday, he, Jade, their friend Adam and I drove up to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was a bit of an adventure right from the start, as I misread one of the directions, so we had to trace a very wide circle to get there. Once we arrived, we broke out the parasols and walked around on the extensive gardens that surround it, for about an hour. There are statues and fountains scattered throughout them, and a large turn-of-the-century mansion. It was a beautiful day, if a bit hot, lots of flowers blooming, and butterflies, and I even saw a couple of hummingbirds. And Adam chased a squirrel. (I wish I'd brought my camera for the gardens at least!)

After our constitutional, we went into the museum itself, and managed to see very nearly all of it, from top to bottom. There were lots of beautiful sculptures and paintings and artifacts, but my favorite of the day was what, at first, appeared to be an empty room, up in the contemporary art exhibit. You step inside, and at first all you really notice is the giant window looking out over the parkland outside. Then you hear something, so soft you aren't sure you heard it at all. Then you look up, and there's a massive, interconnected web of colorful wires hanging from the ceiling, and hundreds of tiny speakers hanging down. And you stand there, and you listen, and the sounds swells like a wave washing across the room and back again, and then you're immersed in quiet, ambient noises and soft voices whispering loving words. It's eerie and surreal, and it kind of took my breath away.

I think we could've spent a solid hour or more there, just listening, but there was a whole museum to see. We all kind of lost each other for a while in the European art exhibit, but managed to stumble back together again in time to visit the gift shop, get some dinner, and head home. Best day I've had in a while! ^_^

Next time I will remember my camera!

Date: 2013-06-22 03:51 am (UTC)
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That mansion looks absolutely beautiful. Next time I'd love to see pictures!


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