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So, there's this article, which has been brought to my attention. It's a very good article, and I do recommend reading it. However, I also feel it's a pertinent fact to bring up that places like India aren't the only places where the rape culture that would allow a young girl to be sold like a piece of meat thrives. It's in places like America, too. It isn't so blatant, it's more subtle, more insidious, but it's certainly here. We see it in instances like the recent Steubenville case, in which sympathy was voiced by newscasters for the rapists (though they were, thankfully, found guilty). We do not see it until it's much too late, in people like me. As a child I was blackmailed into silence, when the son of one of my father's friends decided he wanted to touch me whenever and wherever he wanted. He told me that if I spoke of it, he would tell my family it had been my idea. The way my family was, I had no reason to believe they would side with me. When I was 17, my boyfriend at the time decided he didn't need to take no for an answer, and the one person I told, at the time decided I was lying because my rapist had been my boyfriend, a fact which devastated me to the point that I didn't bother trying to tell anyone else until years later. My family still doesn't know, because what good would it do? These are things which happen right in America's heartland. I can't know how many stories from other girls, other women, I've heard of similar things. I have no doubt that I'm one in a hundred thousand, or more. Of those who are victims and survivors of rape culture in one way or another, there are millions.

The only thing that's going to stop these things is awareness, education, and all of us not being silent, all of us not being tolerant of those who would perpetrate it. They will not learn, so long as there are people blaming victims and patting the rapists on the back as if they were victims of anything other than their own wrong actions, whatever their age. It must be stopped. All of it. In India, in America. Everywhere.


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