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Night two of the visit with my poly-family! They were having a promotional event at the art supply store Rachel works at called Wild West Wednesday, which featured costumed desk clerks, fresh cookies and chocolate mustaches on sticks, and a band playing something called "Newgrass," which is Bluegrass but new. It's not the kind of thing I normally listen to, but they were still good, and Rachel looked so lovely in her saloon girl costume that I couldn't resist grabbing her and dancing a polka down one of the aisles.

Also, I have been used as an arm-rest twice, today. I glowered and told them about my plurk-friends making fun of my height in relation to the short posts on Twitter (*cough*Tom Hiddleston is there*cough*), which I've started hanging around on. So, in the past two days I've been called little, pocket-sized and funsized, between all of these people, and one of my friends even wrote a Haiku about it.

All I can think of is Hermia and Helena bitching at one another in Midsummer Night's Dream. I am 5'4"... or 3"... (or something, I've never actually measured)... and I cannot help it if the world is populated by maypoles. >:-{

At any rate, hopping back off. Peter's back from martial arts class and we're going to a vaguely-steampunk-themed brewery for dinner, and then I'm going to see whether learning the mandolin might be something I'd be interested in. Apparently my poly-family is starting a somewhat unorthodox garage band.
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