Jul. 13th, 2014

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So, I came across this article on empathy. Despite being a pagan, I tend to be healthily skeptical of New Age stuff, as it tends to have its share of fluffy bunnies, nuts, and charlatans but I will say that this describes me with a fairly eerie amount of accuracy.

There are just a few things that don't quite hit right:

4. I have no problem watching violence on TV. It's fake, and I actually think violence in a fictional context is an important means of catharsis.

7. I'm pretty sure my lower back problems stem far more from having an enormous rack, than from "being ungrounded." You know, they say having DD breasts is on par with carrying a couple of full-sized frozen chickens around with you all the time. So, strap a couple of those to your chest for the better part of 30 years and tell me how your back feels.

21. I actually find a certain amount of clutter to be pleasant, so long as it's a clutter of pleasant things. Growing up, the walls of my room were crammed with art I'd printed out, and my bedroom now isn't much better. It's just I paid for the art and it's framed.

24. Let's be real. I'm overweight because I don't exercise enough. Also, I suppose a fondness for comfort food doesn't help, even if I do often only eat one meal a day.

28. I don't actually have a problem owning antiques or used things.

29. I have no problem eating meat. I'm an omnivore, nature designed me to eat meat, along with all the veggies and fruit. Meh.

The rest of it, though, is pretty spot on. It's largely why I'm happiest living alone, and start getting stressed and overtired if I have to be sociable too many days in a row. It's like when you lay in a bath. If it's hot, your skin gets hot. If it's cold, your skin gets cold. After a while, if you spend too much time with people, they kind of seep into you, and it's hard to tell where you end and they begin and it's unsettling, exhausting, and sometimes confusing. And then there are moments when you're minding your own business and an impression comes in on you and you're like Where the fuck is THIS coming from???. Oh! Oh! And have you ever tried living with a person who's got a mental illness and an anger management problem? Imagine that, only you can feel all of their fucked up emotional shit pressing in on you! Having fun yet? Being able to use logic and reason become very, very important. I mean, there are some good sides to it, too, but anybody who tries to call being empathic a gift, I have one word for you.


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