Feb. 18th, 2012

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I am still very much in the honeymoon phase of playing Lacie, and I'm rolling all over the place over all of the spoilers in these past few chapters of Pandora Hearts. I didn't care particularly for Jack or Glen until this arc; they're so much more interesting, now that we know them properly!

Mother called tonight and gave a little speech about how she doesn't like that I don't want to be around her but accepts it, and from the sound of it, I suspect she had either written it down and was reading it or had rehearsed it. (Wouldn't be the first time. When I lived with her, I used to hear her rehearsing the arguments she wanted to have with me before actually coming to find me to start them.) It makes no difference whether she accepts it or likes it or not, and I honestly think she just bothered with the call so that she could convince herself that she's "the good guy". Bleh. When I get my new phone, I still will not be giving my number to her.

A week from today Josh and Rachel (two of my little quartet of lovers and the two I've been with the longest) will be coming up to visit for the weekend. They live three hours southwest of me, so we only get to be together every month or so (every couple of months when it's winter and slick), so I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Jade'll be coming over too. If the weather is nice, I'm thinking of possibly dragging everyone over to Little Nashville for shopping and dinner. It's this pretty, artsy little touris town in Brown County, which has some of the loveliest countryside in Indiana.

I'll take you there, Callie, when you come to visit. I suspect you'd like it, and there's a coffee shop there with really good chai and bagel sandwiches.

It's supposed to be around 50, today, so I think if I can get up early enough I'll go and take a walk at the nature preserve. It's not as obviously pretty as Brown County, but it still has its charm. It's very marshy, so you get these drowned forests, and pools and ponds and lakes, and it's pretty in a vaguely lonely sort of way.

And it's nice to get out away from everything now and then, even if it's only for an hour. The sheer stillness one can find out there can be stunning, sometimes. When you're inside, there are always all these sounds, even if there are some of them you don't notice. The humming of the lights, the sound of the heat running, whatever else is going on in the building. But out there, there are moments when you could almost swear you'd been struck deaf, but for the sound of your breath and your heart beating, and it's oddly awe inspiring. Then a crow calls, or there's a breeze through the branches and the spell is broken, and you go your way. But a little piece of that peace stays with you the rest of the day, and that's nice. Yeah, I think I feel like going out there, today...


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